Creature Worship

Jun 11, 2017    Pastor Doug Kilchenman    Romans 1:22-27

Today, we are going to see the truth from God’s Word about what happens when people reject God’s light. The Bible says that when people profess to be wise in their own eyes, they become fools. And, they CHANGE the glory of God into an image and the truth of God into a LIE. As a result, God gives people up to fulfill their sinful and wicked desires and to vile affections. According to the Bible then, when people reject God’s light and clear revelation from creation and the Bible, He allows them to do what they WANT to do!! Therefore, when we see horrific crimes and outlandish sinful behavior, we really should not be surprised! Only those who think people are inherently good are surprised. Beware – it is in you. O wretched man that I am!