King James Bible

We have the word of God in our language.  Amen.

We believe that God has given the world a perfect , holy Book.

Bible scholars can be helpful or catastrophic to your faith in Jesus Christ.  There are many scholars who have been used by the devil to take the words of God out of the hands of the common people.   We believe that the church was given the words of God and that God has preserved them for English-speaking people in the King James Version.  It is so important for every person to do the research and pray to God for wisdom and help on this critical issue.  At Bible Baptist Church, we take the time to teach the saints WHY we believe what we believe and what has happened in history to bring us to the present time and the over 300 modern English versions.

Sometimes it helps to hear more about things  before jumping in with both feet.  This is a discussion with Pastor Doug and the Rock Salt Radio ministry team on the Bible issue.

For Jesus Christ's sake, please take the time to study the Bible issue.

This Bible study can change your life.  Imagine holding a book in your hands where you believe that EVERY WORD OF GOD is pure and perfect.  A book like that would have AUTHORITY and would be so POWERFUL.  This is in fact the holy Bible - the Authorized Version in English - the King James Bible.  Read it.  Believe it.  Love it!