Pastor, Deacons, Leaders, Office

Doug Kilchenman

Founding Pastor

Doug  was born and raised in New Philadelphia and graduated from New Philadelphia High School in 1988.  He has been married to his beloved wife Melanie for 26 years who  first invited him to a Bible preaching church in 1994 where he heard the gospel that would later save his soul.  Doug and Melanie have four children and two grandchildren.
On Sunday, January 7, 1996 when he was 25 years old, Doug repented of his rebellion against God, believed the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and was born again.  On Tuesday, January 9th (two days later), he began 1 on 1 personal Discipleship.  Shortly thereafter he was baptized by immersion and joined the church.

After graduating from the University of Akron with an accounting degree in 1992, Doug worked in the financial services and retirement industry for over 20 years.  He participated in the planting of the First Baptist Chuch in Jackson Township in 2000 where he  completed a four year curriculum at the Jackson Bible Institute and School of Ministry.  

After receiving the call from God, he withdrew from his position as Managing Director at Charles Schwab in 2013 to enter into full-time vocational ministry.  He was ordained a Baptist minister of the Gospel on August 25th, 2013.

Doug has participated in 11 overseas mission trips (lasting from one to two weeks at a time) and has personally trained and led missions teams in the U.S. and abroad.
Doug is a preacher, Bible teacher, and biblical counselor.  He preaches at camp meetings and at churches in the U.S and abroad.  Doug is the founding Pastor of the Bible Baptist Church.



Harry and his wife Tracey have been members of the Bible Baptist Church since we began.  They are faithful servants of our Lord and love to lead church fellowships and teach the children in our children's ministry and junior church.  



Nate and his wife Meghan were founding members of the Bible Baptist Church.  Nate and Meghan have two young boys and are faithful servants who help with the children's ministries.  Nate is a graduate of our Bible Institute is a Bible teacher of all ages. 


Music and Youth Leader

Brandon and his wife Anastasia have been friends of our ministry for many years and are now faithful members.  They have one daughter.  We are excited for them to share their experience and lead our music and youth ministries. 

Chrystel Korns

Office Assistant

Chrystel Korns is a faithful member of the Bible Baptist Church.   We are blessed to have her help in support of our pastor and church administration details.  She is a retired librarian after spending many years in the New Philadelphia School system.  



Donna and her husband Dave have been faithful members since we began.  We are blessed to have her leading the ministry over the little ones that Jesus Christ loves so much!  Dave will most likely be the first you see when you visit as he is our longest serving greeter!

Hannah Sullivan

Little Children 

Hannah and her husband Jonathan are faithful members and were recently married in 2023.  She is helping to lead the little children as we expand our children's ministry teams to serve more families and integrate more helpers.

Luke Kilchenman

Elementary Children 

Luke and his wife Breeze are faithful members and recently had their first child.  Luke is a graduate of our Bible Institute and is the host of our Rock Salt Radio ministry.  He is also the  leader of our Vacation Bible School ministry and loves to teach the Bible to all ages.