God has opened a door for us...

Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me... 
Nehemiah 2:18

The good hand of God has been upon us!  Amen.  And, we have quite a story.  As we approach our 10-year anniversary as  a church, God has led us to an interesting opportunity!

If you would like to read more about our church's 10-year journey following the Lord Jesus Christ to bring Him glory, click here...

Legal Process Update:  The 6th Public Notice was delivered through the Times Reporter newspaper on Tuesday, 9/19/23.  As a reminder, there are 28 days required after the 6 public notices in order for the legal process to be completed.  

As most of you know, the property auction was POSTPONED due to title restriction issues.

In summary, the restrictions would have prevented us, or any new owner, from using the property in a manner that we would have desired.  Therefore, it was decided that the auction must be delayed until the restrictions have been removed legally.  Legal proceedings have commenced to resolve the issues.

The initial legal documents were submitted and the court docket was updated in early August.  A 6-week legal notice period (in the local newspaper) is required after which the final legal steps will be taken to complete the title updates so the auction can be rescheduled.

We are still optimistic and trusting God to lead us in His PERFECT timing. Amen!

Praise the Lord, we have received $48,374.10 towards our land and building opportunity plus we have received commitments from God’s people for an additional $6,500 so far!

God is not looking for equal gifts, but equal sacrifice. Amen.

To God be the glory!

Doug Kilchenman

We believe the Lord is giving us a unique, limited opportunity to purchase land and a building at a God-sized discounted price.

The auction of the property was originally scheduled for Tuesday, June 27th but has now been delayed.  Keep praying!

If the Lord leads and opens the door for us, we will step forward in faith and follow Him!

We humbly ask you to consider a gift of any amount to the Lord for this divine opportunity should the Lord lead you to do so.

If you would ike to give in a different way, options are provided here.

Thank you in advance for your contribution that means so much to us.  If you would like more details, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Doug Kilchenman directly at 330-316-7096 or bbcdover@gmail.com. 

Is the Lord leading you to help us?

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Secure giving is available here or on the Church App for your tax-deductible donation.   Select “Land and Building Opportunity” as the fund selection. 

Give In Person

You may give in person before or after our church services or directly to Pastor Doug.  Envelopes are provided so that we can provide you with annual tax reporting in January of next year.

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Checks may be mailed to Bible Baptist Church at P.O. Box 6006, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663.