The Good Judge

Mar 12, 2017    Pastor Doug Kilchenman    Nahum 1:1-15

Last week, we introduced the book of Nahum which historically follows some 150 years after the book of Jonah. After Nineveh had repented and believed God’s words (Jonah 3), it was not long before they were back to their sinful ways. By 721 BC, the Northern Kingdom of Israel had been overrun by Assyria and had been carried away captive. At the time of Nahum, Assyria had begun to invade Judah. Historians record that some 46 cities and over 200,000 captives were taken from Judah before God determined it was time to intervene. God had been slow to anger. He had given Nineveh LIGHT, and they had rejected it. God’s judgment was going to be directed toward the Assyrian capital, and there would be NO healing this time. Today, we will see God in the light of Scripture. We will be reminded of His POWER and His JUSTICE. The Bible says God is good. And, the very attribute that people are “hoping” will grant them access into heaven without Christ is going to be their ruin. If God is good, then He must punish sin. God wants to speak through His words…listen closely.