1. Becoming Profitable

Mar 15, 2015    Mark 1:1-8

Mark is clearly a Roman / Gentile gospel presenting Jesus Christ as a servant:
1. There are relatively few references to the Old Testament (Gentiles do not need them).
2. There are relatively few references to Jewish laws and customs (Gentiles do not care about them).
3. Mark clarifies basic Jewish practices (Mk 2:18 – Mt 9:14; Mk 7:14 – Mt 15:1-4; Mk 13:3 – Mt 24:3).
4. There is no genealogy listed in Mark for Jesus (a servant has no position or rank in society).
5. Mark provides details of Jesus’ works and actions vs. words and teachings.
6. Mark was written when Nero was reigning from Rome (people would have been suffering).
7. Mark is the briefest of all the gospel accounts moving immediately to the main event (40% of Mark is the last 8 days of Jesus’ life.) Mark goes “straightway” to the cross and the empty tomb!!